Music Exam Bootcamp
English Music Academy Bootcamps help prepare students for their forthcoming ABRSM, Trinity and LCM exams in such a way that they are fully equipped and confident to perform to their full potential under pressure and in the prescribed time frame.
Our courses provide a safe and holistic framework to maximise the use of time available through effective warm ups, thorough preparation of scales and technical exercises, the best practice for peak performance and how to excel in both the aural and sight reading aspects of the exam. Students work with a pianist, learning important ensemble skills, and mock exams empower them by highlighting potential pitfalls and giving advice about how to avoid them. Open mic sessions and a course competition provide further performance opportunities, as does the Grande Finale Concert to parents which concludes each course.

Breathing Gym
Breathing is as much at the heart of musical performance as it is in life. In this workshop, students are encouraged to focus on breathing as if they are singing their music, whatever instrument they play. We will discuss phrasing and musical line, and how to use the breath to focus and to help cope with performance anxiety.

Scales, Arpeggios and Technical Exercises
Playing scales, arpeggios and technical exercises is a requirement for almost all instruments at some point in the examination process. Students will be taught how to understand the structure of these exercises, how to sing and visualise them, and how to practise efficiently and effectively so that they can play correctly every time.

Performance Workshops
In all music exams, the pieces carry the highest proportion of the marks. Learning the notes and rhythms is a prerequisite, but learning to enjoy and communicate musicality through structured practicing will take exam performances to a higher level.

Practice for Peak Performance
There is more to performance than learning a piece and playing it to an audience. Our tutors are highly experiencing performers and will share failsafe tips which ensure a strong performance. They will talk about performance anxiety, something almost everyone experiences, and how to reach peak performance level at the right time.

Mock Exams
Familiarity with the exam format will empower students to be able to focus more on delivering their best performance in the given time.

Aural Tests,Ttheory and Musical Knowledge
These aspects of the exam will be explored and rehearsed, highlighting relevant focus and model answers

Sight Reading
It is always a challenge to play or sing a new piece of music, without stopping, and especially with other people. However, there are certain fundamental skills and processes which make reading unseen music more manageable and less daunting. We will help the students to become confident in these areas and to become more proficient sight readers.

Soloists’ Competition
All students will have the opportunity to perform one of their pieces in our course competition. The winners will be announced at the Grand Finale Concert

Open mic
During this session, students have the opportunity to show off their second instrument or their non musical skills. Bring along any props you need, and prepare to entertain your peers and tutors.

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